Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch TV TV stations live on your Computer

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4000 Online television shows from your notebook.
Not required of a television tuner or decoder. Pure picture - no monthly fee needed.

Watch TV channels live from home. All you need is
our Internet TV software,
your computer, and online connection.

I love our Internet TV software because it
offers you the options of different channels to view.
Users can choose comedy or political shows that may want to view.
I was always watching Daria on repeat!

It is amazing the many things we can do with the Internet on computer.
However Web TV is a significantly new technology,
it's catching on so fast that it may soon replace cable television
like the cellular is replacing landline telephone.

One of the most convenient things about live ip TV is that since you are watching it on your
computer when a advertising comes around instead of having to sit through it you can just surf the web, which gets rid of the pain of advertisings.

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